We present winning number statistics based mostly on winning numbers which are up to date weekly from the past to the current. All winning numbers might be provided based on the data supplied by Mizuho Bank, the official web site. You can increase the first prize of Lotto 6, the 2nd prize of Lotto 6, the third loto 6ot49 prize of Lotto 6 and so forth via this app. All data is supplied primarily based on the information provided on the Mizuho Bank web site. For weekly official Lotto 6 winning data, please check the exact winning number on the Mizuho Bank web site.

今日 の ロト 6

Today’s lottery information can be confirmed directly via the lottery corresponding to 1 chosen. The 1st class Lotto 6 is provided ロト 6 to succeed in 600 million with the following 4 features.

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